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What Is The PayDay Loan Relief Program & Do I Qualify For PayDay Loan Debt Assistance ?



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Due to the many regulations surrounding payday loans most states require monthly payments in order to settle on payday loan debt. In reality this arrangement is a preferred method since paying the payday loan companies on a monthly basis eliminate absorb rant fees and most importantly put an end to the very intimidating collections efforts. As long as you have made at least 3 payments towards your payday loan, the company will most likely be willing to settle since, lets be honest here, you would have paid at least half the balance back if not the entire balance!

Practical Debt Relief has been helping people for over 5 years now deal with their debt problems. Whether your debt problems stem from PayDay Loan Debt, medical bills, or unsecured credit card debt our experts can help. You have to take the first step though and reach out to get help with payday loan debt. So pick up the phone and get the relief you need today!

What Are The Advantages Of Payday Loan Settlement?

Lets face it, Payday loan companies are popping up everywhere with interest rates topping 300-400%! You can borrow as little as 5K and be responsible to pay back 41K! This is not a game and No we don’t play practical jokes here at Practical Debt Relief. The problem is worse than anything this country has ever seen and we want to help people learn the truth about these modern day loan sharks. We can help you save thousands of dollars and peace of mind from these predators. You should only be responsible to pay back the money you borrowed with a reasonable amount of interest, not 400%! Give us a call for a solution to this serious problem.

PayDay Loan Settlement Steps

The first step should obviously be to attempt to payback whatever you borrowed from the payday loan company and as quickly as possible. Remember the high interest is your enemy and making small payments over a long period of time is a hamster wheel that is going to be almost impossible to get off of once it gets rolling.

Once efforts have failed at paying back the loan you should be honest and notify the company of your problem. While this may upset them, it’s the right thing to do and the right step to take. You should also notify them that any future communication should be done by mail only. You may have to send a certified letter to make them stop and we can help expedite that process.

You should always hire a professional to deal with these types of problems. The staff at Practical Debt Relief are experts when it comes to dealing with these companies and arranging an agreeable settlement amount. So give us a call today at 888-839-3574 for more information on how to become debt free.


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I’m so proud to be enrolled with Practical Debt Relief. My life has been in panic mode for the past 3.5 years. I reached the point of having more month than money left over. I’m an educational consultant with a prior background with helping many folks consolidate their payments by using the equity in their homes. I myself don’t have the following collateral. Therefore, it’s tough when you can’t seem to find the solution for yourself. So, I thought to myself bankruptcy? Then I asked myself on $8k dollars? That’s crazy I said to myself. I decided to believe that I’m coming to the point in my life where I will have more than $8k dollars on hand for days that aren’t even rainy! I want to thank the team at Practical Debt Relief for all of their support. Especially Jen! She is a go getter, and will get the job done. Her spectacular personality has encouraged me to continue to succeed. I recently was able to pay-off a pay day loan of $679! I’m turning the corner to paying off more soon too. It was something that needed to be done. I kept my faith, let go, and trusted that hard times don’t last always. It was a sacrifice for a few weeks, but my stress is gone, and peace of mind has returned. I know that over the next “13” months I’m going to win! Each day I feel good about my decision in enrolling in this program. I needed someone other than myself to have the take charge, let’s get it done, motivational, attitude. Practical Debt Relief is more than a program. The people there care. They also know what it’s going to take to achieve “new beginnings” in your life. However, if first starts with you letting go; and being a doer of your word. As best as possible! Communication is key! I will see you at the finish line.

Thanks for keeping it Practical,
Chakona C. Jackson


"You have delivered on time and what you promised. You stuck by your word. This is exemplary customer service. I will be leaving a very positive FEEDBACK on your site because people should know about your services and how good your support is."